If you have been physically or emotionally abused or feel threatened by your spouse or significant
other, you need to file for a temporary restraining order (TRO). A TRO order has to be approved by a
judge.  It is effective for about 21 days and it forbids the other person to have no contact with you.   
The TRO is only temporary and if you want to extend the TRO, the judge has to grant a permanent
order.   A permanent injunction can help protect your safety long-term.  

You do not have to put with being stalked, harassed, abused or threatened in any way.  Even if you
have not been physically abused, but have been threatened and are in fear, we could help you obtain an
injunction against your abuser.  A restraining order can keep your abuser away from you, your house,
your place of employment among other places.  

If you are going through a divorce and are involved in a child custody battle with your spouse, evidence
of domestic violence could affect the parental responsibility plan and the residency of the child.  That is
why it is in your best interest to consult an aggressive and knowleagble Florida attorney to help you
with your case.  Be careful in cases where the abuser has an attorney and you do not.  In that case, they
will fight you and you might not be successful in obtaining a restraining order.  An aggressive and skilled
attorney can help you get the necessary documentation, evidence and present it to the court on your

On the other hand, if you have been served with a restraining order, we can help you fight it.  We will
investigate the facts of the case and we are prepared to present you our defense strategy.  We can get
depositions, talk to or subpoena any witnesses related to the case.  Unfortunately, relationships go bad
and that gives rise to false allegations.  We can work hard on your behalf to expose such allegations if
that is the case.  It is important to understand that simply because the judge granted a temporary order,
it does not mean that your case is over.  Usually judges grant such temporary order ex parte based on
the testimony or affidavit of the alleged victim.  In a subsequent hearing, you will have your chance to
dispute and fight these allegations.  

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