A federal crime is a crime that is prosecuted in federal court, or what is called a United States District
Court.  In Florida, there are three District Courts: the Northern, Middle and Southern District Courts.  
The Federal Bureau of Investigations typically investigates federal crimes.  However, state agencies as
well as the  Federal Drug Administration (FDA), Criminal Division of the IRS (CID), Secret Service,
DEA, Postal Service, ATF or Customs can get involved.  However, if the FBI is involved, it is more likely
that the case will be prosecuted as a federal crime.  Unlike state crimes, a federal prosecutor must seek an
indictment within 30 days of an arrest.

Frequently asked questions about federal crimes
When does the FBI get involved in a matter?

The FBI typically gets involved in investigating a case when:

  • The alleged crime took place on federal property as a federal courthouse, federal park or military
  • The victim of the crime is a federal official.
  • The alleged crime involves the use of interstate commerce.  For example, if a person uses the
    postal service to transport drugs or any other illegal substance.
  • The alleged crime takes places in multiple states such transporting somebody across state lines to
    engage in illegal activity or sending child pornography over the Internet.

Because federal criminal cases tend to me more difficult to deal with, it is extremely important to hire an
aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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Federal Crimes in Florida
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