Whether you are an undocumented alien, green card holder, or holder of any other type of immigration
visa, you might find yourself subject to deportation proceedings. Removal proceedings are typically
brought after you have been arrested for a crime.  However, even if you are not arrested or charged with
a crime but are out of status, the government can still bring removal proceedings against you.  You can
be charged with either excludability ground Section 212 and/or deportability ground Section 237 of the
Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The deportation process typically begins when you are served
with a notice to appear (NTA).  The NTA contains the reasons for deportability and/or excludability.
You must

Removal proceedings take place in front of an immigration judge.  The Executive Office for Immigration
Review (EOIR) employs the Immigration Judges.  The government through its attorneys must prove by
clear and convincing evidence that the alien be removed.  Note that such standard is lower than the
"beyond a reasonable doubt" standard used in criminal cases.  In other words, it is easier for the
government to prove your deportability.  At Bano Law Firm P.L. we practice criminal defense.  
Because we understand how a criminal case could affect your immigration status, it is in your best
interest to contact us early when you are facing criminal charges so that we can seek to obtain the best
possible resolution on the criminal case for you.  Even if you are  a legal permanent resident, you can
still be ordered removed from the United States.

If you are being held with a bond, we can analyze your situation.  If we believe that you could qualify
for a lower bond, we can ask the immigration judge to redetermine or reset the bond amount for you.
The success of such hearing would depend on many equitable factors such as family situation,
employment ties, and the availability of immigration relief to determine whether the grounds for
mandatory detention are justified.

At the Bano Law Firm P.L., we fight hard to keep your from being deported.  However, keep in mind
that even if you are ordered removed, there is additional relief available to you.  We can apply for a
waiver or removal relief to avoid your removal from the United States.  Some of these forms of relief
include cancellation of removal, withholding of removal, voluntary departure, and adjustment of status
among others. Additionally, if you are afraid of being persecuted if you are sent back to your country of
origin, you might apply for asylum.  Visit out asylum page or contact the Bano Law Firm, P.L. for
more information.

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