If I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, will my credit be ruined forever?
While your credit will initially take a hit after you go through bankruptcy, you can start rebuilding your
credit even after you have filed for bankruptcy.  In some situations it is easier to rebuild your credit
quicker after filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy as opposed to filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

If I have a lot of income and other assets, do I qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Under the 2005 Bankruptcy Act, bankruptcy courts use a "means test" to determine whether you are
eligible to go forward with a chapter 7 bankruptcy case.  

What is the difference between chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Unlike chapter 7, chapter 13 does not entail the potential discharging of all your debts.  Chapter 13
bankruptcy provides a reorganization of your financial obligations through detailed procedures.  
Contact the Bano Law Firm P.L. for more information on the income and other qualifications for
chapter 13 eligibility.

What are the procedural steps involved in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case in Florida?
You will first need to schedule an appointment with Bano Law Firm P.L. to find out what documents
you need.  After gathering all the appropriate documents, we will file a petition along with the
accompanying schedules with the bankruptcy court.  A trustee will be appointed. After 4-6 weeks
later, there will be a 341 meeting of the creditors.  You will likely get your chapter 7 bankruptcy case
finalized within 4 months of the initial filing.

If i file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, can I get a discharge on all my debts?
You cannot get a discharge on certain types of debts such as certain taxes, child support, alimony,
certain school loans, fraudelent debts, etc.  Check with Bano Law Firm P.L. to find out what debts you
would still be responsible for.

What if i own a home, a vehicle or retirement accounts in Florida?
Generally, you might be able to keep homestead property in Florida, retirement accounts, vehicle and
other personal property within limits.
If part of your debt consists of a secured loan such as a vehicle, you might be able to keep it by entering
into an affirmation agreement with the creditor.  

Will bankruptcy wipe out he liens on my property if I keep the property?
Going through bankruptcy will not relieve you of the liens on your property.

If I am married, do we have to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy jointly?
Not necessarily, although in certain situation it might be better to file jointly.  Consult the Bano Law
Firm, P.L. to discuss your unique situation and we will advise you on the best course of action.

If I file for chapter 7 bankruptcy and get a discharge, can I get a discharge later?
You cannot get a discharge for chapter 7 later if you already have received a chapter 7 or 11 within eight
years of filing the second petition. Furthermore, you cannot get a chapter 7 discharge if you have
previously received a chapter 12 or 13 within the past six years before filing the second petition unless
you qualify for an exception.

What do I need to do get my bankruptcy started?
Bankruptcy rules require you to complete a credit counseling course, which can be done online.Call an
Orlando Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Immigration, Bankruptcy Lawyer now for a
free initial consultation to discuss your Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Traffic, Immigration, Family
Law or Bankruptcy case.  Bano Law Firm P.L. provides aggressive legal representation for Personal
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