Effective July 1st, the Alimony Reform law into effect, which has changed the existing law on alimony.
The new law has created 3 presumptive labels based on the longevity of the marriage.
1. Short-term marriage- a marriage which has lasted less than 7 years
2. Moderate- a marriage which has lasted between 7 and 17 years
3. Long term- a marriage which has lasted longer than 17 years.  

4 types of alimony are available in the state of Florida:
  •  Bridge the gap alimony
  •  Rehabilitative alimony
  •  Durational Alimony
  •  Permanent alimony

Bridge the gap alimony is designed to facilitate the transition of one of the spouse from married life to
being single.  A spouse can receive bridge the gap alimony for a period of up to two years.  

Rehabilitative alimony serves to redevelop skills or obtain new skills in order to find employment.
Rehabilitative alimony can be modified.

Durational alimony is designed to provide economic assistance for a designated period of time.  Both
short and moderate term marriages are eligible for this type of alimony.

Permanent alimony can be awarded to long term marriages or to moderate and short term marriages in
certain circumstances.  It can be terminated based on a change in circumstances or if the recipient enters
into a new economically supportive relationship.  

Other family law cases that we handle include but are not limited to:

  • Child Support
  • Domestic Violence
  • Paternity
  • Child Custody

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